Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bergevin Brothers appearing on KUBE 93 Streetbeat with Tony B

As part of our recent contribution to the music for the United States Census, we were asked by the producer Tony Benton to come and participate in an interview with the team that made the song and music video.  This was an honor for us.  Joe and I are particularly interested in making music that has the power to affect change.  As part of the research we did to get the specifics about the Census, we talked with our mother who worked on the census the past few decades and did some internet reading.  The project was right up our alley and provided us an outlet to create another piece of music with meaning and a message.  The team that participated was a super talented group of young rappers and singers.  Joe and I spent a very long evening creating the vocal hook and lyrics and recording a rough cut of the song.  On the studio day, Tony B introduced me to the group and said this is Jon Bergevin he's going to be your vocal director for the day.  We were off and running.  I took the group straight to the piano and taught them the lead part, we then created harmony parts together by experimenting with some different sounds.  We spent probably about 15-20 minutes preparing, then went to the vocal booth and laid down the hook.  It was a real pleasure working with  Jennifer Newberry, Etiquette, Shawna Locey.  We didn't work directly with the rap portion of the music but did listen to much of it being recorded by Roderick.  Several weeks later the music video appeared and completely blew Joe and I away, it turned out so, so great.  There were several more elements and layers that had been added by the team that really fleshed out the work.
Participating in the interview at Kube93 with the National Director for the Census and the local regional director was an honor and an experience we won't soon forget.  The National office was so complimentary of the work and how spot on it was for helping them connect with people they need to have fill out the census information and get it back to them.  They have created several advertisements from the material already and are continuing to find ways of using the work.
Here is a link to the music video.

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