Saturday, February 27, 2010

We met Marc Cohn and Shane Fontayne

Last night, Joe and I had the amazing experience of meeting Marc Cohn and Shayne Fontayne. What a concert they gave and what an honor to meet our heroes. We have been listening to Marc since the early 90's. Seeing these two journeyman musicians weave a magic web of stories and dreams around the audience was such a huge pleasure. Joe and I always learn so much when we watch other musicians at their trade. I really hope we get to see these cats again and would love to meet Shane again. He has an extra-ordinary set of ears and a wonderful voice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

United States Census Bureau Circulates Music we helped create.

February 24, 2010.

United States Census Bureau - circulating "Count Me In" the song we helped create for the 2010 Census.
Joe and I were asked by Tony Benton of KUBE 93 in Seattle, to help create the vocal hook for his song "Count me In" that he was creating for the US Census, to help get people to register. We first found out about it when we were there for an interview about our work on the Obama Campaign music. It was a celebration of the inauguration 1 year after the President was elected and part of Black History month. After our interview, Tony said "Hey I'm working on something that you might be able to help with". He played us the mix of the music and Joe and I came up with the hook right there in front of him. The rap portion of the music as well as the verse was created by others, but we created the hook. A few weeks later we found ourselves back at the Columbia City Theater (our old home for Fired Up, Ready To Go and many of the songs on our album). Working with a new crew of young singers. It was a really special day and we had a ton of fun creating the work and were really happy how well Tony produced the Video. It looks and sounds really, really great.

Here is a link to the video: 

Here is the Washington Post article that was produced regarding the work.
Washington Post Article